Message from Desk of the Chairman

1. The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate without furnishing reasons.
2. Students are ordinarily admitted at eh beginning of the academic term. Admission to standard 1st to 9th will be considered only after the annual examination, subject to the availability of seats. Hence, no prior registration will be done.
3. For Admission, Students should be introduced by their parents or proper guardians who shall remain responsible for their fee, regular attendance and good conduct. Candidates will have to appear for the admission test and interview. They must come with:-
A. A School Leaving certificate (if they come from a recognized school.) School leaving certificate of a student joining from outside Delhi or within the city must be counter-signed by the Education officer of the state/District in which the previous school is situated.
B. A certified copy of the marks obtained in the last examination.
4. Before withdrawing a student from the school a month’s notice is to be given else in lieu of the notice a month’s fee will be charged.
5. Those whom leave the school in the month of may must in all cases pay the fees for the month of June.